3 Shoreditch and Old Street pub crawl routes for mindful drinkers

You want to do a Mindful Pub Crawl but you aren’t sure where to go. With over 270 pubs and bars on the Club Soda Guide, we hear you. So following on from previous blogs listing some of our favourite haunts in the City of London, Dalston and Stoke Newington, today we bring you Shoreditch. From alcohol-free beer on tap at craft beer house BrewDog to off-the-wall eccentricity at Zigfrid von Underbelly, there’s something for every mindful drinker.

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And a quick reminder: each venue’s Club Soda Score is given in brackets – hit up the high-scorers for the best mindful selection, and leave a review on the Club Soda Guide.

Strongroom shoreditch

A Short 5 Star Bar Hop In Shoreditch

On Hoxton Square, Zigfrid von Underbelly (5/5) describe themselves as ‘art rock von roll’ food house and bar. They stock a good range of craft soda pops and mocktails and have promised us to get in their first non-alcoholic beer soon as well.

Leaving Hoxton Square to Old Street, you’ll find Electricity Showrooms (5/5) on the corner. The drinks menu here is more or less a mindful drinker’s dream come true: several low and no alcohol beers and ciders, and a great selection of soft drinks and mocktails too. Watch out for the flashing fowl while you’re there.

Walk a few steps towards Old Street tube station, turning left to Curtain Road. Just another few steps away is Strongroom Bar (5/5). Low and no beers, soft drinks, and good music.

Nearest stations: Old Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch High Street

All Sorts Of Shoreditch

Shoreditch has something to offer to every kind of mindful drinker. This longer crawl takes in different kinds of venues, so you can pick and mix your own shorter version.

Start from Brewdog Shoreditch on Bethnal Green Road, near Shoreditch High Street Station (4/5). Check out their current low and no alcohol beer range, but you should always be guaranteed to find a Nanny State! And they do a decent range of soft drinks too.

Walk past the station to Shoreditch High Street, turning right. After a short walk, you can rest at The Shoreditch (5/5), a “vibrant Tiki style cocktail bar”, and choose from a good choice of low and no beers, mocktails and soft drinks.

A few steps further is the sports bar Matchbox (4/5), with a good selection of soft drinks and mocktails on offer. And a photo of George Best on the wall, not exactly known as a mindful drinker…

Continue on, until you get to the junction with Hackney Road and Old Street. On one corner is the Old Shoreditch Station, a cosy cafe and bar serving hot drinks, pastries by their in-house baker, and a wide array of botanical soft drinks (2/5). And this being Shoreditch, there are also exhibitions and pop-up shops, so you can get your art and shopping fixes at the same time!

Not far from the junction on Hackney Road is the George & Dragon pub (4/5), where you can sit down and enjoy a well-deserved non-alcoholic beer, soft drink or a mocktail.

If at any time you feel that a healthy meal would be in order, you could do worse than making a detour to Redemption Bar on Old Street, near the tube station (4/5). The food menu is all completely gluten free, sugar free and vegan, and the drinks menu includes healthy mocktails and non-alcoholic beers.

Nearest stations: Shoreditch High Street, Old Street

Old Street Pub Guide

Just off the Old Street roundabout, at Mews Unit, The Bower, is Draft House Old Street. It is not rated on the Guide yet, but we’re happy to include them on this crawl anyway. All of the Draft House venues do an amazing job of providing low and no alcohol beer options for their mindful drinking customers. Check the video of our first crawl to see for yourself.

Walk up City Road towards Angel from the roundabout, turning right to Brunswick Place. Not very far at all is Prince Arthur, a 170-year-old neighbourhood pub, with a good selection of low and no alcohol beers (3/5).

Walk back and cross City Road to Baldwin Street. Old Fountain is another nice craft beer pub, which has won the East London & City CAMRA Pub of the Year award twice (3/5). Check out the current low and no alcohol beer choice.

Continue walking further on City Road, turning right to Shepherdess Walk. A bit further on and you’ll get to The William IV, which has been operating for 150 years (3/5). They should have at least one non-alcoholic beer and a good choice of soft drinks.

Nearest station: Old Street