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Frequently Asked Questions

About Club Soda Guide - Frequently Asked Questions

For everyone

What is the Club Soda Guide?

The UK’s first Guide for mindful drinkers - the best low and no alcohol drinks, and the venues where you can find them. We invite all UK pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and other venues to get a free listing.

What is Club Soda?

We are a mindful drinking movement of individuals, drinks, and venues. We want to create a world where nobody feels out of place if they’re not drinking alcohol. And we want to connect consumers with the best drinks brands and the venues that stock them. You can find out more at our other website,

How is the Guide funded?

The technical development is funded by the City of London, some of the content by the Brewers Research and Education Fund, and the supporting publicity campaign by Heineken® 0.0. Our thanks to all three!

For venue owners and managers

Is it free to list my venue?

Yes it is, absolutely free!

What’s the catch?

No catch. The Guide is funded by our partners, and we want to include as many great venues as we can.

What’s in it for me?

You’ll get free publicity for your venue, so more customers will find you. And you will also join the Club Soda community of venues, and benefit from our work in promoting low and no alcohol drinks and the venues that serve them.

How do I get listed?

It will only take a minute or two. Click here: List a Venue Fill in some basic details and you’re done! Once you’ve submitted your venue, you’ll be taken to your venue’s profile page. There, you can add more details like a profile photo, your website and social media accountss, and the low and no alcohol drinks you serve - this is really important, as it will tell your mindful drinking customers what they can order at your place!

If you operate a chain with a number of venues we may be able to upload and list all your venues in one go, even including the drinks if you have a set drinks menu across your venues. Email [email protected] to discuss the details of this

How do I get my Club Soda Score? And what is it anyway?

The Club Soda Score is our measure of how good your venue is for mindful drinkers. We ask you to input all the low and no alcohol drinks you serve, and based on your answers, we calculate your score (between 0 and 5). It will be shown on your venue’s profile page.

To add your drinks, scroll down on your venue profile page. There is an image of a bottle saying ”Add Drinks Stocked” - click on the “Add Drinks” link under the bottle. Start typing a drink brand, and when it comes up, click on the name to see all the drinks by that brand - then select all that you stock. Then type the next brand, select the drinks, and so on. Once you’ve added all your bottled drinks (or those on tap), you can also say how many alcohol free cocktails you offer - but please only include the ones you list on your menus! Type in the number to the box. Then press “Submit” and you will be taken back to your venue profile page.

If your menu changes, or if you forgot something, you can always come back and update this, by adding new drinks, or removing old ones. Your Club Soda Score will also automatically update.

What drinks can I add?

We have put together a database of over 1,000 drinks by over 200 brands: beers, ciders, wines, spirits, and soft drinks. We have not included mineral waters, juices or some of the biggest soft drink brands as they are available in almost any venue. If anything is missing just email us and we can add the drinks to our database. There is also a link to this on the page where you list your drinks.

How do I edit my listing?

Once our website is fully up and running, we will email you to set up a password, so you can always log in and make any changes you like (we are still working on the final bits of the technology, so bear with us!).

For drinks producers

How can I get my drinks listed on the Guide?

We have tried to include as many as we could find, but if you can’t find your drinks on the Guide, let us know. Please email us at [email protected] with as much detail as you have and we’ll have a look (see next question too!).

There is an error about a drink

Sorry! We will correct any errors as soon as we can, just email us at [email protected] with the details of what’s wrong.

What drinks are listed here? What are not?

We want to include as many low and no alcohol drinks aimed at adults as we can. We have decided to exclude some drinks (such as juices and a few of the most popular soft drinks) as they can be found in most pubs and bars already so there’s not much point including them here. And we won’t list alcoholic drinks at their “regular” strength: so we will only include beers and ciders at 3% ABV or under, and wines at 8% ABV or under.

Can I get a more prominent listing for my drink?

Yes you can! All drinks listed here will have a basic profile: brand, name, type, ABV, short description. We are slowly adding images for all drinks too. And each brand will have a basic page, listing the drinks under that brand. If you join Club Soda as a drinks member, you will get an updated brand profile page, with a banner image, logo, a description of your brand, where your drink can be found in shops, online, and in wholesale. Your drink will also be more prominently displayed on the Guide. And there are many other benefits - please email us at [email protected] to find out more.

For customers

What is alcohol free?

The law and regulations are quite complicated in the UK (click here for the full story). We consider anything under 0.5% to be alcohol free. Drinks under that level do not need an alcohol license to be sold, an adult will not get drunk by drinking them, and they are safe for drivers and pregnant women. They do contain a very small amount of alcohol though, and if that’s a problem for you for any reason, then you may decide not to drink them. That’s fine by us, but do remember that many foodstuffs and soft drinks also contain small amounts of alcohol, sometimes more than 0.5%.

What is low alcohol?

There is no fixed definition. We consider beers and ciders under 3% ABV, and wines under 8% ABV to be “low alcohol” - they are not super low alcohol, but much lower than most beers and wines you can buy.

What is the Club Soda score?

Each venue that lists its drinks on the Guide receives a score between 0 and 5 based on the number of low and no alcohol drinks that they stock. The more drinks available, the higher their score!

I went to a venue you recommended and it was not what I was expecting

Sorry to hear that. We can’t take responsibility for a venue’s behaviour but if you do find one whose drinks offer is different from what they have listed on the Guide, then please let us know so we can investigate. There is a link on each venue’s profile page on the right under the map, saying ‘Was your visit to VENUE not what you expected?’ ‘Let us know’, or you can just email us at [email protected] with the details.