Why have we built this guide

About Club Soda Guide

Development of this Guide has been by Club Soda in partnership with Blenheim, a leading alcohol and substance misuse charity, drawing on the distinct strengths and expertise of both organisations to promote health and wellbeing across the community.

You can contact us via email or phone 0790 550 8251.

Hackney Council, the City of London, the RSA, Big Lottery Fund and Lewis Silkin have supported the creation of the guide.

Why this guide?

30% of your adult customers won’t be drinking, and they are likely to have planned ahead where the whole party are going based the choice and range of drinks for the non-drinker in the gang.

The most common reason, apart from driving, that customers are not drinking is that they do not fancy an alcoholic drink at that time. But for those that are on a health kick a non-alcoholic beer or wine is not only low in calories but also has no added sugar – allowing them to be out with friends and not break their goals.

Add to this the the growing number of people moderating their drinking (1 in 5 people), and an emerging market of teetotal under 25-year-olds the market is shifting quickly.

Many pubs and bars are making good margins selling premium soft drinks alongside their regular offering. The Club Soda Guide not only helps you boast about what you do have behind the bar but helps you find new products and ideas that your customers will love and keep them coming back for more.

Why Hackney and The City?

We have lots of venues listed from these two London boroughs, as that is where we got started in 2016!

Hackney is where the Club Soda Guide was born. Hackney has a rebellious and pioneering spirit and a whole heap of free-thinking venues and craft soda producers. Hackney is the perfect place to test The Club Soda Guide, after all 38% of young people in Hackney don’t drink at all!

The City of London is a world city attracting a diverse workforce. Doing business over a drink used to be the social norm, but things are changing. Businesses are looking to engage all staff in the social life of their company and be welcoming to the best talent from around the world.

Hackney Council and The City of London have part-funded this project, and they see this as a positive way to diversify the business and social life of London

Why list your venue?

The Club Soda Guide helps you spread the word about your venue, lets you shout about your low and no-alcohol drinks offer to everyone, but especially your customers who want to drink less today for whatever reason.

It is free for all licensed UK venues to join the The Club Soda Guide: pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, all are equally welcome. And there are also a few venues here that don’t serve any alcohol at all.

  1. Add your venue – we’ve even got step by step instructions here if you need them.
  2. Add some details about your venue and maybe a couple of images too.
  3. Use the Club Soda Score tool to give you a star rating for your low and no alcohol drinks range.
  4. See how your neighbouring venues are doing, and get tips to improve your score.
  5. Set up special offers and be part of our ongoing campaign to get more people to try their local pubs and bars!

You can find out more on our FAQ page.

Our partners and funders

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