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Claytons Kola Tonic is a unique, non-alcoholic treasure of a drink circa 1880, that can be enjoyed in countless ways. On its own or mixed with juice or sodas, Claytons with its kola nut base offers a refreshing, inspirational option as a beverage to elevate your drink.

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Claytons is a unique Caribbean-made tonic that’s non-alcoholic and non-routine. Claytons was originally created circa 1880 when John Clayton visited West Africa and came back to Battersea, London with a treasure of kola nuts. John had seen firsthand how the kola nut was consumed in everyday life in Africa to boost energy, banish fatigue and increase sexual desire. He and his brother Adam fused extract of kola nuts with hops from Kent and cane sugar from the Caribbean to create a full bodied non-alcoholic drink. Claytons took off as part of the temperance movement of the 19th century and then soared with the cocktail movement that reached its peak around 1930 when Harry Craddock published the Savoy Cocktail Book. Today Claytons remains popular with discerning drinkers who appreciate its versatility and unique taste.


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