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Sparkling Tea is the combination of Nordic innovation and ancient tea traditions.

A purely organic low-/non-alcoholic sparkling beverage, which will lift any gourmet or festive occasion. The nuanced, well-balanced and complex taste of Sparkling Tea comes down to the careful adjustment of 3 key elements: the selection and blend of teas, the extraction times and temperatures, and finally the craftmanship.

A bottle of Sparkling Tea contains a blend of up to 13 different teas which are brewed under different temperatures and time intervals to extract the perfect flavour. Precision is therefore key every time we hand brew a new small batch of Sparkling Tea.

A small base of grape must or white wine is added before being bottled. It thereafter rests for some months to create that well-rounded and complex experience, which has become a frequent sight at numerous Michelin restaurants worldwide.

With every bottle of Sparkling Tea, we strive to complement those special moments.

Proving to you that it’s all about the taste of what you’re drinking, and not the percentages.

Brand image

Nordic innovation and Asian tea traditions in a champagne bottle.


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