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Fungtn is a premium alcohol free craft beer, brewed for flavour with 0.5% ABV. We wanted a beer that not only saved us from hangover hell but contributed positively to our health. So we harnessed the ancient wisdom of mycoadaptogens to deliver functional, positive benefits in every sip.

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We have created a range of beers to complement your daily routine, using ancient, healing adaptogens in a modern context. Mycoadaptogens are a unique class of medicinal mushrooms used in functional medicine and wellness for thousands of years. A natural solution to the stresses of our hectic modern lives: low mood, stress, anxiety, depression and a compromised immune system. They give us safe and natural additions to our diets to keep us fungtioning at our best. They are non-intrusive and act to boost the body to fight off infections and free radicals that damage our cells and their ability to function. Their complex, delicate flavour means they blend well into drinks especially into our modern day beer pallet. We wanted to go past just removing the alcohol for a more mindful beer and create additional positive wellness to help support your immune system, balance hormones, stress levels, aid focus and cognitive function. No, they are not magic and no, your beer won’t taste like mushroom, but they will help support your immune system and keep you on good form! They also make a cracking beer partner.


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