Club Soda Guide in the News

This is a listing of mentions of the Club Soda Guide in newspapers, magazines, TV and blogs. If we have missed any, please let us know (email Jussi).

Newspapers & Magazines

There are also many more articles about our Mindful Drinking Festival here.

27 December 2017: i Newspaper: Moderate drinking: the Dry January alternative that lasts all year

14 December 2017 The Pub Show: Sober Thoughts from Club Soda

27 November 2017 Inapub: The mindful way to cope with pub pressure

26 November 2017 The Observer: Millennials discover the joys of ‘mindful drinking’ as party season gets under way

20 November 2017 Evening Standard: The rise of mindful drinking: how to drink less but enjoy yourself more this party season

10 October 2017 Exhibition News: True brew

9 October 2017 Balance: 7 non-alcoholic drinks you need on your Stoptober radar

30 September 2017 The Food Rush: Brewing Without Booze: No and Low-Alcohol Beers

19 September 2017  Beverage Daily: Craft brewers are no lightweights in alcohol-free beer trend

19 September 2017 The Morning Advertiser: Premium soft drinks still popular despite ‘sugar levy’

6 September 2017 The Guardian: Meet the entrepreneurs driving the boom of booze-free drinking

19 August 2017 The Times: Mindful drinking is new trend among millennials

16 August 2017 The Morning Advertiser: UK’s first alcohol-free drinks festival attracts 2,500 attendees

12 August 2017 Financial Times: London’s first festival of alcohol-free cocktails

9 August 2017 Eastern Daily Press: St Peter’s and Adnams among the East Anglian breweries riding the low alcohol wave

1 August 2017 Time Out London: Mindfulness and martinis: August’s best drinks festivals

28 July 2017 Londonist: The Best Beer Festivals In London In August 2017

28 July 2017 HBC Magazine: Is sweating the new clubbing?

27 July 2017 Good Housekeeping: The first alcohol-free festival arrives in the UK

26 July 2017 Metro Belgium: Britten organiseren festival zonder alcohol [Brits organise festival without alcohol]

25 July 2017 Smallish: Mindful Drinking Festival

24 July 2017 Metro: UK’s first ever alcohol-free drinks festival is hitting London next month

13 July 2017 The National Student: First Mindful Drinking Festival coming to the UK

12 July 2017 Real Simple: How to drink mindfully

11 July 2017 Metro: A mindful drinking festival is coming to the UK and all the drinks are ‘alcohol-free’

12 June 2017 Balance: Your guide to the London wellbeing scene

9 June 2017 The Morning Advertiser: We aren’t saying don’t drink, it’s pubs having something for everyone

9 June 2017 Drinks Retailing News: Confusing labelling “discourages” innovation in low-alcohol sector

8 June 2017 Drinks Retailing News: The lower the better

11 May 2017 Positive.News: Goodbye boozy Britain? Why more young people are going dry

13 March 2017 Metro: What is mindful drinking?

5 March 2017 ara.catFalten begudes sense alcohol (“Missing non-alcoholic drinks”)

27 February 2017 i News: Laura Willoughby, founder of mindful drinking

26 February 2017 The Guardian: Forget the hangover, under-25s turn to mindful drinking

21 February 2017 Healthista: The rise of healthy partying

14 February 2017 Evening Standard: Lloyd’s of London brings in strict 9-5 booze ban for employees

8 February 2017: WooWoo London: The Best Places to Drink Mindfully in London

2 February 2017 Healthista: The rise of Mindful Drinking

19 January 2017 The Morning Advertiser: Why Dry January is no longer a period of doom and gloom

17 January 2017 North Four: Mindful pub crawls in North London

17 January 2017 TimeOut London: Six free things to do in London this week

17 January 2017 Good News Shared: Mindful Pub Crawls – A Way to Have Fun Without Drinking Too Much

16 January 2017 Harpers: The teetotal trend: Beyond Dry January

16 January 2017 Hackney Today: Make mine a mocktail… (page 7 of this big PDF file)

11 January 2017 The Evening Standard: London’s best bars for Dry January (see the video on the middle!)

6 January 2017 Huffington Post: Doing Dry January? Nine Alcohol Free Drinks To Try

5 January 2017 Londonist: Things To Do Today In London

26 December 2016 Huffington Post: Doing Dry January? Four Tips To Enjoy The Month Alcohol Free

19 December 2016 Bar Magazine: Guide helps licensees attract Dry January fundraisers

TV & Radio

14 August 2017 BBC Radio4: You and Yours

13 August 2017 Sky News: Morning News

5 August 2017 East London Radio: Mindful Drinking Festival with Nirvana Brewery and Fitbeer

5 August East London Radio: Mindful Drinking Festival with Nirvana Brewery and Fitbeer

15 February BBC London News: Evening news

15 February Share Radio: ‘Liquid lunch’ banned for Lloyd’s workers

15 February LBC Radio: Nick Ferrari At Breakfast

6 January London Live: News

1 January 2017 Sky News: Morning News


7 August Beer Today: St Peter’s supports Mindful Drinking Festival

2 August 2017 The Sober School: Is alcohol-free living finally becoming cool?

1 August 2017 Cultural Insight: Mindful Drinking

18 July 2017 YeastBerlin: 10 Questions for… Laura Willoughby Club Soda co-founder

17 January Big Drop Brewing Co: Club Soda – Mindful Pub Crawl

13 January Detox|Retox: The Mindful Pub Crawl: What (and where) to drink when you’re not drinking

12 January Alcohol Concern: How to tackle dry January in London?

11 January Know Your Nutri: Mindful drinking – for life, not just for Dry January

2 January 2016 Beer Today: New beer movement is perfect for January