Nirvana – UK’s first low and no alcohol brewery

Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana non-alcoholic brewery

There is a definite buzz about low and no alcohol beers at the moment. It feels like new brands are popping up monthly, and existing brewers are adding new low ABV flavours to their range. So it was only a matter of time before a dedicated low and no alcohol brewery appeared on the scene, and here it is: Nirvana Brewery in Leyton, East London. We paid a visit to meet Becky, Steve and the rest of the Nirvana team to find out more.

Nirvana are rightly proud of the small brewhouse they’ve built, letting them fulfill their vision of brewing great-tasting handcrafted small batch beers, using locally sourced ingredients. Steve wouldn’t tell us too much about the production processes – closely guarded trade secrets you see. But we do know that he’s been planning the brewery for a while. We tasted an early prototype stout of his a while ago at a Club Soda beer tasting event, and we had no worries about the skills and dedication behind the venture.

Nirvana beers: Kosmic and Mantra

But most importantly, what about the beers? Are they worth the effort? We are happy to report that yes they most certainly are, based on the first two which are already out:

Kosmic is a 0.0% ABV stout – dark and beautifully malty, with hints of chocolate and vanilla in the taste.

Mantra is a 0.7% ABV IPA – nicely balanced bitterness and citrus fruit flavours and plenty of taste for a lower alcohol beer.

These would both be a great addition to any pub’s beer range. And the Nirvana team have plans for more styles, including a lager. In fact the third Nirvana beer, Tantra 0.0% ABV pale ale will be out very soon. We are very much looking forward to trying that one too.

You can find out more, including details of how to order their beers, on the Nirvana Brewery website.