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  • Cafe Connect

    Alcohol Free Food & Drink Venue on the vibrant St Mark’s Road in Easton, Bristol. Club Soda says: Cafes don’t always score too highly on our Club Soda Score (since it was mainly designed for pubs and bars), so don’t let that put you off visiting this local cafe!

  • Lion Coffee + Records

    Lion Coffee + Records is a one-of-a-kind space in the heart of Hackney; a late night coffee shop, record store and venue on Lower Clapton Road. A passion for music and coffee is at the heart of Lion as well as supporting new local talent. The venue has also had artists read more

  • Dom’s Place

    Fabulous grill restaurant. Excellent Turkish food, including wraps, kebabs, halloumi, lamb, and lamb ribs. Large selection of soft drinks and cocktails coming soon! Club Soda says: This venue serves 16 soft drinks.

  • The TenTen Kitchen

    Freshly-made food, local and organic produce, craft beers, freshly-squeezed fruit juice and freshly-brewed tea and coffee. Coming soon – “mocktails”! As well as our large selection of local craft beers, we sell Freshly-made fruit juices, freshly-brewed coffee, and TeaPigs and Pukka tea. We also sell Fentiman’s Ginger beer and Galvanina read more

  • Street Kitchen

    Street Kitchen is all about serving restaurant quality food & drinks using carefully sourced natural and organic ingredients and served in a friendly & easy manner. We are strong believers in sustainability and making sure the best of British is showcased at our restaurants. http://www.streetkitchen.co.uk Club Soda says: This venue read more