4 Dalston and Stokey Pub Crawl Routes for Mindful Drinkers

We shared some carefully-chosen routes for your Mindful Pub Crawl around the City of London. Today we’re tracking north-east in our search for the best places to #DrinkMindful –  to Dalston and Stoke Newington. Check out these 4 suggested trails to help you maximise your mindful merriment.

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And a quick reminder: each venue’s Club Soda Score is given in brackets- hit up the high-scorers for the best mindful selection, and leave a review on the Club Soda Guide.

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1. Pubs of Dalston

Dalston may be better known for its trendy bars, but it’s also got some excellent pubs as well. Here are four good ones to visit on your crawl.

Start from the Fox Craft Beer House on Kingsland Road near Haggerston station (4/5). Both non-alcoholic and low alcohol beer on offer here! Turn to St Peter’s Way, walk past De Beauviour Square, turning right to Culford Road. You’ll soon get to Scolt Head, a lovely local pub, with Bitburger Drive 0% beer on the menu (3/5).

Continue on Culford Road until Balls Pond Road – on the corner is the Duke of Wellington (4/5). Have another non-alcoholic beer, or try something from the good range of soft drinks. Turn right to Balls Pond Road, carry on to Dalston Lane, which turns left after a while. And where Dalston Lane takes a right turn, you can pop into the award winning Three Compasses (4/5). Time for one more low or no alcohol beer!

Nearest stations: Haggerston, Dalston Junction, Dalston Kingsland

2. Dalston’s best places for soft drinks

Start from Acqua7, near the corner of Kingsland Road and Balls Pond Road, which has to be seen to be believed (3/5). The design is amazing, and the choice of soft drinks is pretty good too. Walk back to the junction, turn right to Kingsland Road, and walk for a short while to Brilliant Corners (1/5). This great jazz and food bar doesn’t do too well on the Club Soda Score, but is still definitely worth a visit for their small, but perfectly formed selection of delicious imported soft drinks and cordials. Quality over quantity here.

Trace your steps back Kingsland Road, turning right to Dalston Lane, and left to Ashwin Street shortly after. Cafe Oto is a legendary alternative music venue (3/5). They also have an interesting line in soft drinks, including vegan Club Mate, as well as teas, coffees, food and cakes.

Nearest stations: Dalston Junction, Dalston Kingsland

3. Stoke Newington for mocktails, smoothies and tea

This route is from our second mindful pub crawl, on 12 January 2017.

Start at the The Clarence Tavern, formerly known as Stoke Newington Tea House (4/5). As the old name suggests, this place does tea. Lots of tea. It used to be over 100 of them (not sure how many there are now). But also “mocktail” versions of their cocktails, zero-alcohol beer – and even zero-alcohol Snuffle Dog Beer (yes they are dog-friendly too).

Walk down Church Street to High Street, and on the corner is Three Crowns (4/5). A cosy pub with comfy leather seats. On the menu you’ll find non-alcoholic beer and a section of low and non-alcoholic wines, as well as several classy soft drinks.

Just a short walk on the High Street towards Dalston, and you are in Stereo 92 (4/5). A new all day café and live music venue, with a great selection of freshly-made milkshakes, smoothies, soft drinks and mocktail versions of their cocktail menu. Plus tea, coffee and hot chocolate all day!

Nearest station: Stoke Newington

4. Stokey’s best boozers for alcohol-free beer

If you are looking for low and no beers, Stokie has your back. These three pubs are all on Stoke Newington High Street, within a short walking distance from each other.

The White Hart (3/5) has a big beer garden out the back, and stocks Becks Blue and Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

Rochester Castle (5/5) is part of JD Wetherspoon chain, and should have at least two low or no alcohol beers on offer (plus cider).

Jolly Butchers (2/5) doesn’t score too highly on the Guide, but is an excellent pub in many other ways, and should have at least one interesting non-alcoholic beer on the menu. It was Rothaus TannenZäpfle the last time we visited.

Nearest station: Stoke Newington