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Dishoom Covent Garden


Club Soda Score of 5.0

Dishoom serves a lovingly curated menu of Bombay comfort food and award-winning drinks in beautiful restaurants with unique stories. Everything Dishoom does shares its love for Bombay’s culture, heritage and people, and everyone is welcomed with warmth.For patrons wanting to drink less, less often or not at all, Dishoom has devised a range of totally non-alcoholic cocktails - known as Dry Tipples - that look and taste like you’re drinking alcohol, but don’t contain one single drop. Among the Dry Tipples you’ll find versions of Dishoom’s classic serves - Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour, Martini - each made with their 100% alcohol-free spirit essence which has the same kick and sensation as something a little less ‘dry’. Dishoom wanted to create a menu where every guest could find an amazing drink they’ll enjoy, and so they have also curated a great list of non-alcoholic wines and a non-alcoholic beer for guests to delight in. You can find the full menu including alcohol free cocktails here

Drinks at Dishoom Covent Garden

Alcohol Free Cocktails: 11

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